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Tom Rants Default Canada, email, don't tase me bro!

Canada, email, don't tase me bro!

  • Canada is a weird, weird place. They haul writers in front of some sort of Big Brother commission for criticizing Islamofascist terrorists, but the government actually pays “journalists” to call a bunch of their southern and western neighbors who very rarely advocate killing Canadians “white trash.” The population of Canada is in the neighborhood of 33,000,000. Somewhere around 62,000,000 bitter gun toting Americans voted for George W. Bush in 2004 and it’s safe to assume that those are in large part the “white trash” to whom Ms. Mallick referred. We don’t even have to get the actual US army involved in order to outnumber Canadians 2-to-1 and to probably have more firepower than the Mounties, or whatever.

    If you’re Canadian and you really value that national health care, you might want to think about those numbers and consider disavowing your countrywoman. Oh, nevermind. This is one of those Mouse That Roared things, isn’t it?

  • US liberals are weird, weird people. They’re all for privacy, obsessively so. Unless, of course, the privacy rights involve the private email of a Republican politician. They also pride themselves on being so much smarter and better informed than the rest of us, but they seem woefully uninformed when it comes to Sarah Palin on a number of issues. One of them is email. Palin was criticized for firing off a political email during the heat of her Lieutenant Governor’s campaign from her City Hall office in Wasilla. So, she learned her lesson and when communicating with her Lt. Governor about political matters, she used a private email rather than the state one. Liberals are now criticizing this, claiming she was trying to hide something. There’s a phrase that fits – liberals want to have their cake and eat it, too. What else is new?
  • People who tase 11-year olds aren’t just weird, weird people (though they are that). They’re people who belong in prison. People who ought to be pursued by law enforcement agencies, not employed by them.

    These hyperinformed liberal intellectuals are trying to tar Palin with something they’re calling “Troopergate.” In the “scandal,” she’s accused of trying to get a state trooper fired and firing the guy who wouldn’t do it. The trooper tasered an 11-year old and threatened to murder people with his state issued handgun. It seems kind of ironic that they’re appending “gate” to her attempt to get a guy fired who seems sort of like the worst caricatures of G. Gordon Liddy. I mean, if Deep Throat had been an 11-year old kid and Liddy had known it and owned a taser, what do most liberals think would have happened?.

    But aside from that, don’t liberals generally oppose tasering 11-year olds, law enforcement killing people and pretty much anyone killing people with handguns? Again, not if the 11-year old is the nephew of a Republican politician or the people threatened with murder are Republicans. And liberals still have the nerve to call conservatives hypocrites.

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