Cartwheels of reason

This moonbatlady, who is Stanford educated and worked for two Members of Congress, believes George Bush is responsible for the damage to New Orleans from a hurricane. She has the nerve to use the phrase “cartwheels of reason,” as she turns a few dozen herself. Beyond the untenable position that GWB caused the damage, she also advances the bizarre and oddly worded theory that

Water destroying New Orleans has always been a matter of national defense.

in her post Killing New Orleans.

If I read that right, it means that it was a positive thing for our national defense for this to happen. Bizarre. I’m not sure how water destroying New Orleans is a matter of national defense, at least since 1814, but I suppose it’s a good thing George Bush did it if it was. After all, as Commander in Chief national defense is his job.

She manages to lay the blame for storm damage on everything from missile defense to abstinence only education.

The “terms of use” for the website state that:

“SPI seeks to provide a forum for discussing progressive ideas and policies – not for advancing the interests of any particular political party or candidate for office.”

Odd, as the bizarre post in question certainly seems to be an attempt to do exactly that. Interesting that a nonpartisan group “not for advancing the interests of any particular political party or candidate for office” would fail to cast any blame on the Governor of the state, who happens to be a Democrat, laying all the blame on a Republican President and none of it on the goddess of the environmentalist left – nature.

I was very frustrated when I ran across the piece by Ms. Kelly and used a term that I shouldn’t have. I’ve “stricken” it above and replaced it with a more appropriate one – I understand it’s considered bad form to just outright delete something, considered dishonest or whatever. Anyway, the rest of what I wrote stands, but I shouldn’t have called her a “moonbat” and I appreciate the sense of humor she showed with regard to the label.

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