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Tom Rants Default Cat degrees of separation

Cat degrees of separation


Originally uploaded by tomhanna.

The kitten at the upper right of the photo went on the annual memorial day floattrip with us last weekend along with Sunny the Repuglican and her natural sister (both in the photo) plus two adopted kitten siblings. Yes, there is a bit of a problem with stray cats in the neighborhood and they tend to like our porch and our garage as places to unload their litters.

Our friends John and Cathy fell in love with Miss Cal (as we had been calling her) and took her home to Houston. They had two grown cats named Condi and Maggie and they decided to officially name the kitten Peggy.

Cathy sent an email to Peggy Noonan telling her that her namesake had been added to a family of conservative cats (though not The Conservative Cat family) and received an email back that read, in part, “I am honored. I went to your site and saw her — she is beautiful, and I am proud she bears my name.”

I figure this puts me within 4 degrees of KevinBacon, er separation, via a cat, from Ronald Reagan. I’m a dog person and I’m still thrilled!

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