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Tom Rants Default Welfare states work "fairly well." What a glowing recommendation.

Welfare states work "fairly well." What a glowing recommendation.

Micha Ghertner posts at Catallarcy
about the criticism of free markets based on the idea that welfare states work “fairly well”…

I’ve never understand this criticism. America has done pretty well compared to what? Without some sort of conception of the ideal good, how can we say whether or not welfare capitalism works well? Sure, it might be better than command-and-control economies, but that’s like saying, “I’m not such a bad person, at least compared to Hitler.� Wow, great accomplishment, mixed economy. Kudos.

I love it when someone finds a way to compare liberalism to Hitler for a change.

This by way of a post from Will Wilkinson on why “contemporary liberals don’t make any sense. Liberals strategize and strategize, but means require ends, and those are . . . what?”

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