CENTCOMM Busy, Busy, Busy

The US military has been busy, busy, busy the last few days. In addition to sending helicopters to assist in Pakistan earthquake recovery and sending a humanitarian airlift of “12 pallets — weighing almost 90,000 pounds — of food, water, medicine and blankets from Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan” to Pakistan within 48 hours of the earthquake, they’re still fighting the War on Terror. In the last week, they have captured over 750 suspected terrorists and killed 12 terrorists on the battlefield. They took out one car bomb manufacturer…and when I say took out, I mean taken out beyond the ability of the ACLU to screw it up.

Task Force Liberty Soldiers, Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police across North Central Iraq completed more than 175 raids and security missions in their first week of Operation Saratoga. The joint operation led to the capture of nearly 750 suspected terrorists and the killing of 12 terrorists and wounding of eight others.

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