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Cheney Comes to Town

Vice President Dick Cheney visited Joplin on the 11th and held a “town hall” style meeting with about 500 people. The 5 liberals in Joplin held a protest because it was invitation only and, big surprise, the GOP didn’t have their phone numbers to invite them. Another 5 or 10 Steelworkers for Kerry were bused in from the nearest steel mill, which I would guess must be in KC 185 miles away. I’ve posted a few photos here. A couple of thoughts:

Having seen both the President and the Vice-President in the last month, I noticed that they are always on time. I keep hearing news reports of Kerry being late. With this train tour they’re even worse announcing that he will stop and speak only to roll through 2-5 hours late at 25 miles an hour, wave and duck back inside without stopping. Now I’m not looking for a President who can make trains run on time – Italy had that and it didn’t work out so well – but I think it says something about a candidate when they show so little respect for their supporters. And it’s not a matter of being the President. For the next few months, John Kerry and John Edwards are the de facto third and fourth highest office holders in the land, complete with motorcades, no speed limits and Secret Service details. Bush and Cheney were on time for their appearance in Joplin in 2000 when they were candidates. It’s just a matter of priorities. Kerry/Edwards have so little regard for their supporters that they aren’t willing to make being on time, or in many cases even being there, a priority. Just think, if Kerry/Edwards have this little respect for their hardcore supporters how much respect will they have for the average citizen if elected?

When asked how we could beat terrorism when we follow rules and they don’t, Cheney gave the answer (in a nutshell) that we have to work harder and be smarter and that we have to do it because to do otherwise means the terrorists win by default. Cheney pointed out that his oath was to defend the Constitution. Bush and Cheney have great regard for the Constitution and the American way of life. Kerry and Edwards don’t.

We’re in a time of war, facing an unusual enemy willing and able to attack us here at home. In a time like this, we have a choice between respect for the Constitution and the citizens versus no respect for either. If the American ideal of liberty is to survice in such dangerous times, if we are not to trade a pound of freedom for an ounce of security, it’s pretty clear that we need candidates with that respect.

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