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Tom Rants Default – Bush: Palestinian state by 2005 'may be hard' – May 8, 2004 – Bush: Palestinian state by 2005 'may be hard' – May 8, 2004

Once upon a time if you wanted a state, you declared it, you expelled foreign armies and you defended your borders. Whether it was 1776 or 1948. And once upon a time if you targeted soldiers, not women and children, you could probably find international support that would make defending your new state possible. The thought of a Palestinian state that is just given to them scares me. They want a state, so they engage in terrorism until it’s given to them. So, when their state wants something what do you think they will do? – Bush: Palestinian state by 2005 ‘may be hard’ – May 8, 2004
“2005 may be hard, since 2005 is right around the corner,” he said. “I readily concede the date has slipped some, primarily because violence sprung up.”

In Ramallah, Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat told reporters that creating a Palestinian state by next year “is more than realistic because according to the signed agreements … our state should have been declared by 1998 or 1999.”

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