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Comments and links

I have implemented the new rel=”nofollow” tag in the site comments template since the announcements by Google, Yahoo! and MSN that they will be recognizing the tags to help take the incentive out of comment spam.

What does this mean to fellow bloggers who comment? Two things. First, it will hopefully eventually mean I can take down some of the comment moderation/antispam tools and ensure that all legitimate comments get through without delay. Second, in the short run, it means that Google, et al won’t count any links you put in your comments (including the URL you enter for your site at the top). The links will still be visible for readers to follow, they just won’t count as a link to the site when the search engines compute search rankings.

Since this site has decent Page Rank, which is why its attracting spammers, some of you may want to be linked here without the “nofollow” tag. If so, there’s a simple solution – add me to your blogroll and I’ll add you to mine. You can email me and let me know or if you’ve left a comment, I’ll probably check your site out pretty quickly.

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