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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

Tom Rants Default ConservativeThink directory

ConservativeThink directory

Check out the Conservative Right Wing Headquarters at Conservative Think. Interesting directory of conservative sites, articles and resources.


Kevin Whited comments:

Ah, Tom got the email also. 🙂

I trashed mine after realizing it came in response to Reductio (a dead site), and deemed it an effort to get links to generate ad clicks. Blar.

I actually had submitted a link for placement on the site some time back, so the email didn’t bother me – I didn’t suspect it as ‘spam’. OTOH, anyone who wants to link to me and then contact me for a link back is invited to do so (well, anyone within reason). Anyway, it’s an interesting site for browsing through a variety of articles and things, not much different from a trip to Instapundit.

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