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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

Tom Rants Default CPAC invites Franken. Why not Michael Moore?

CPAC invites Franken. Why not Michael Moore?

In an incredible waste of space the Conservative Political Action Conference invites Air America to cover the conference, providing coverage to 50 or 60 people who don’t agree with the conference goals and don’t really care what conservatives do. After all, do you really have to go to real conservative conferences when everything you say about conservatives is a lie off a sheet of talking points anyway? Regardless, Kevin at Wizbang is blogging from CPAC and G. Gordon Liddy is going to let Franken have his…

Al Franken and G. Gordon Liddy are debating live (simulcast on both their shows). I’ll keep you apprised of any Franken meltdowns.

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