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Tom Rants Default Defeat Maria Cantwell

Defeat Maria Cantwell

Voters in Washington should vote against Maria Cantwell for United States Senate. Contributors nationwide should contribute to her opponents.

According to Russ Feingold, Cantwell was at the “core” of Senators pushing the McCain-Feingold Abomination:

Senator Cantwell has brought to the Senate a new perspective on campaign finance reform. Her help during this historic debate has been invaluable, particularly her hard work as a member of the ‘core’ group of Senators working together to pass McCain-Feingold.

The Republican nominee is Mike McGavick. Libertarian Bruce Guthrie qualified for the only televised Senatorial debate in Western Washington by lending over $1 million dollars of his own money to his campaign and actually has a chance to garner serious voter numbers. Other candidates include Aaron Dixon of the Green Party and independent Robin Adair.

The loan from Guthrie to his campaign likely triggered the “Millionaire’s Amendment” to the campaign finance laws and did it in such a way that McGavick will be able to accept three times the normal individual contribution limit, while Cantwell will not. The race was one of five vulnerable Democratic seats targeted by the White House and was considered vulnerable even before the triggering of the Millionaire’s Amendment because Cantwell beat Slade Gorton by less than 3,000 votes in 2000.

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