Tom Rants Default Democrat Draft

Democrat Draft

All those folks who bought into the Kos “libertarian Democrat” con got a rude awakening Sunday with the news that Charlie Rangel intends to introduce, and the Democrat Congress is likely to pass, a bill creating a military draft in the United States for the first time in over 30 years.

The military draft in the Vietnam era was the impetus for the creation of the libertarian movement, as distinct from the conservative movement generally, and for the eventual creation of the Libertarian Party. Republican President Richard Nixon oversaw the end of the draft and now Democrats want to bring it back.

It’s hard to imagine a more direct attack on the idea that people have inalienable rights to their own life and liberty than the draft. The draft restricts the conscripts liberty utterly for the term of enlistment. It claims his very life for use as cannon fodder.

The common false claim is that Republicans can only be counted on to support economic liberty, while in fact they are often strong supporters of civil liberties. The equally false claim, given the lie by this proposal, is that Democrats, can at least be counted on to support liberty in personal matters.

Once again, Democrats are proving that the moral equivalence of the two parties, with one supporting liberty in one sphere and the other supporting it in the other, is a myth. Once again, they’re proving that Democrats aren’t “liberal”, that they are, in fact, pure authoritarian collectivists.

Rangel Says He Will Revive Legislation to Impose Military Draft


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