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Tom Rants Default Democrats eager for disaster

Democrats eager for disaster

has a great point about the Democrats attitude toward the Iraqi election.

You know, the MSM and the Demoncrats predicted disaster for this election just like they predicated disaster for the Afghanistan elections. Actually they seemed eager for disaster. In both cases they were proven incredibly wrong.

This seems to be a recurring theme for the Democrats. The economy: lie that it’s worse than it is, predict that it is getting worse and hope that it does. Afghanistan: predict that it will be “another Vietnam,” then predict the election won’t happen, then complain that Afghans are growing opium (as they have for hundreds of years). Need to start calling them Doomocrats.

(Noahware is the work of a fellow southwest Missourian, who goes by the moniker “Noah Bawdy”. Great to see more web/blog presence happening from this area.)

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