Tom Rants Default Democrats new "story"

Democrats new "story"

Washington Examiner: Opinion

We need a new story. Here’s rough cut: “Government: Assure liberty by staying as far away as possible from our bank accounts, our bedrooms and our bodies. Spread pluralistic democracy and free markets by example, not by force. Restore the moral authority of the mid-20th century civil rights movement, by fashioning public policy around individuals, not tribal identity groups.”

I just don’t see this suggestion of coopting the conservative/libertarian message of free minds and free markets as going anywhere. It’s 180 degrees opposed to the voting record of every Democratic politician and 180 degrees opposed to the philosophy of the Democrats money men and propagandists. On the other hand, it would be nice having to just figure out which candidate meant it when they said the love liberty as opposed to having one candidate not even make the claim.

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