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Tom Rants Default Diplomacy 0, War 1

Diplomacy 0, War 1

War! huh-yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing somethin’
Say it again y’all

War! huh good God
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing somethin’
Listen to me?

The toothless diplomacy of the United Nations and its Coalition of the Timid – Russia, China, Germany and France – predictably failed to prevent North Korea from aquiring nuclear weapons. When a test became imminent, China’s threats to taunt North Korea a second time fell on deaf or, more likely, laughing ears.

Unfortunately neither North Korea nor Iran did us the favor that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq did – invading a sovereign nation and in the aftermath yielding some of its own sovereignty. We, meaning the United States, are left with attempting to cajole our spineless “allies” and other nations to enact economic sanctions in the first case against a country which has almost no foreign trade with anyone and in the second case against a country which has essentially no foreign trade with us.

And, again unfortunately, the mere testing of a nuclear weapon by a country which has legally withdrawn from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, gives little latitude for direct military action. Leaving it at that will, of course, set a dangerous precedent in the minds of Iran’s wealthy, power hungry elite.

We must ask ourselves as a nation, “If a bully is swinging at us, do we have to let the fist connect before we punch back?” Firm action is required. It’s well past time to seek Chinese, Russian and French permission or to wait while they threaten further tauntings. At the least a complete naval blockade is essential, with or without the backing of the United Nations. Limited but forceful action is needed now, before an attack on a country under our nuclear umbrella compels more drastic action and loss of life.

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