Djiboutilicious Newsflash: Politics Could Have Political Ramifications!

“Somalia expert” Ken Menkhaus of Davidson College in North Carolina has some insightful analysis of the US airstrike on Islamic militants in Somalia – there are political ramifications! Apparently Clausewitz isn’t widely read by Somalia experts. Even more insightful – the Somali bastards may not like it:

we can expect to see a negative, potentially fiercely negative, reaction in Somalia and in Somali inhabited parts of East Africa. This will not go down well in Somalia at all

Does anyone really care whether Somalis like us bombing their terrorist friends? We didn’t particularly like it when we sent the US military to take out a warlord who was stealing food out of their babies mouths and they slaughtered those soldiers. If they don’t like it, tough – we still owe them. If they try to do anything about it, we should fire up that base in Djibouti for a few more runs.


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