Tom Rants Default Dog bites corrupt Senator

Dog bites corrupt Senator

I suppose this qualifies as news, but it sure comes close to the “dog bites man” category. The most corrupt Republican in the Senate got indicted for concealing “gifts” from a constituent that he “has maintained he didn’t do anything for…that he didn’t do for any other constituent or pro-Alaska interest.”

That’s pretty easy to believe actually. After all, this is the guy who tried to get a bridge for his 50 constituents on Gravina Island at a cost to the federal taxpayer of $398 million. It’s not really corruption unless the bill to taxpayers is more than $8 million per constituent.

With Ted Stevens, the question wasn’t so much whether he’d be indicted as whether he’d die first. It was just a coin toss as to whether to be ready with the obituary or the story on the corruption scandal with blanks ready for the names of the other actors. Of course, this isn’t a uniquely Republican problem. Next up for the game of Senate Roulette, Robert “Sheets” Byrd – will it be the obit or the indictment?

Ted Stevens indicted, longest-serving GOP senator

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