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Tom Rants Default DSS Hubris take on Rumsfeld

DSS Hubris take on Rumsfeld

One of the graduate students in Dept. of Defense and Strategic Studies at SMSU writing about Rumsfeld gets me thinking, which is always dangerous.

DSS Hubris

Rumsfeld is just a proxy for Democratic criticism of President Bush, as well as an issue for aspiring 2008 Republican presidential contenders to hang their hat on. I have also discussed Rumsfeld’s role in transformation, and why he is necessary to keep it on track.

So this starts me thinking. Rumsfeld has a really thick skin and likely no further political aspirations. There’s no doubt, in my mind anyway, that his agenda is Bush’s agenda, but I also know that Bush is way more politically savvy than a lot on the left give him credit for. (And personally, I think Bush himself is that savvy, not just Karl Rove.) Anyway, before I digress too far, it seems to me that Bush may have purposely kept on one of the most controversial members of his administration specifically to be a lightning rod for Democratic criticism. As long as Democrats are complaining about Rumsfeld personally, they aren’t complaining about Bush or Republicans in Congress or other members of the administration. Smart move and like spiders to a spam trap, the Democrats (and John McCain) just can’t help themselves.

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