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Election 2008

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Sen. Clinton, other pols pondering their futures

Hope said the former first lady and Arkansas native could play a role in doing that. “She has experience living in the South,” said Hope. “She understands and respects the cultural differences in a way many Northeasterners don’t seem able to.”

Arkansas native? So where did she pick up the Chicago accent? Maybe during her “happy and disciplined” childhood in Park Ridge, Illinois. Hillary is an Illinois liberal representing New York liberals who happened to stop off in Arkansas for a few years on her way to power. If there is a more polarizing figure in American politics than George W. Bush, she gets my nod. The buzz I’ve always heard from Arkansas is that voters there supported Bill Clinton for President to get Hillary out of the state. Well, they succeeded and I bet Arkansas voters like her a lot better as a New York resident than a White House resident.

But Republican strategist Nelson Warfield said Clinton might have a battle for the presidential nomination, if she wants it, from the party’s vice presidential candidate this year, Sen. John Edwards [related, bio] of North Carolina.

Oh, Republicans can only hope that these two are the frontrunners for the Democratic nomination in 2008. Edwards couldn’t even carry his own state for the ticket this year. He was facing an election loss in the Senate race this year, which was rumored to be why he chose to run for President in the first place.

Republicans Pataki and Giuliani, both eyeing possible White House runs in 2008, spent much of the past several months crisscrossing the country, stumping for Bush and building up political chits by helping local Republicans in such key primary-season states as Iowa and New Hampshire. Pataki raised more than $10 million for Bush. Pataki and Giuliani have also been mentioned as potential cabinet members in a second Bush administration, though Giuliani said Wednesday he’s not interested in a cabinet post.

Are these two the best we have or is this just to be fair to the two Dems?

Pataki has exactly one virtue – he’s not John McCain.

As far as Giuliani, I hate to say it, because the guy has grown in stature and respect as one of the two figures most responsible for holding this nation together after the September 11 attacks. We owe him a debt of gratitude for that, but we do not owe him the White House. He was an excellent mayor of New York, but New York was badly in need of harsh medicine that just isn’t appropriate for other areas of the country especially when crime is already down and economic activity already up without it. It also appears that I’m the only person in the country who remembers that this man made his name attacking the free market. By threatening Mike Milken’s family with jail time during his tenure as a federal prosecutor, he extorted a plea agreement and teamed up with a liberal judge to send a man to prison for several years on technical violations that had never resulted in jail time before. He killed the Incredible Bread Machine because his cronies didn’t like it and in the process he disrupted markets, cost investors billions and slowed economic growth nationally. If civil liberties are at all important, if free minds or free markets matter, this guy is wrong. Sorry Rudy, you fall into that category I mentioned earlier of people I really like but don’t want to see in the Oval Office.

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