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Tom Rants Default Father pleads for his daughter's life

Father pleads for his daughter's life

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Father pleads for his daughter’s life

The father of Charlotte Wyatt, a desperately ill 11-month-old baby in a court battle between her parents and doctors, made an impassioned plea to a high court judge yesterday to not allow doctors to let her die.

This is the inevitable result of the soulless underbelly of the so-called “pro-choice” movement. The father and mother want to keep this baby, which has already been born, alive. Their “choice” is for her to receive medical care to prolong her life. The government and doctors are conspiring to allow her death. If ever anyone doubted that the abortion/euthanasia holocaust represented a slippery slope toward killing nonconsenting disabled people, this ought to be a wake-up call. Of course, anyone with half a brain should have already been awakened by the work of modern day eugenicist and “bioethicist” Peter Singer and his ilk.

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