FDA officials can't see forest

US official defends ‘morning-after’ pill delay

On Friday, the FDA postponed a ruling on Barr Laboratories’ (BRL.N: Quote, Profile, Research) Plan B emergency contraception because it said officials were unsure how to enforce a prescription requirement for younger girls while easing access for women over 16.

That’s weak. Let me make a suggestion. Card them. No tickie, no laundry. With the much lamented RealID just around the corner, what’s the issue?
Of course, an excuse that flimsy is pretty transparent as well. The morning after pill doesn’t concern me half so much as this new trend toward politics by dishonesty. If the whole overemphasis on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq should have taught us anything, it’s that even the appearance of dishonesty has painful political consequences. Hopefully the 2006 wakeup call won’t be too bad and we can end this kind of shenanigans before it brings us Hillary in ’08.

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