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First impressions not always correct – Colleagues defend Berger in documents probe – Jul 20, 2004
In a statement issued late Monday, Berger said the removal of those papers was unintentional. But law enforcement sources told CNN that some of the papers he is said to have taken from the National Archives were stuffed into his socks as well as other parts of his clothing.

Well, my first impression on just hearing about this was that it was likely more of the same crap where public servants and successful business people draw the ire of overzealous prosecutors. You know more of the same politics by prosecution crap that makes anyone with any sense just want to keep a low profile. Then I found out that he was stuffing classified documents in his socks and “other articles of clothing” (that would be down his pants), presumably to COVERUP mistakes made by the Clinton administration with regard to al Qaeda. Ok, so my first impression was wrong. I never “inadvertently” stuffed anything in my socks or down my pants. Maybe Winona Ryder needs to get Berger’s lawyer and see if she can’t appeal. Maybe I ought to go visit a jewelry store. “Yeah, judge, see I was carrying a newspaper reading an article about Sandy Berger when the paper inadvertently knocked the jewelry off the counter and into my pockets and I inadvertently left the store and inadvertently sold the jewelry. Yeah, that’s it.”

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