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Tom Rants Default Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors: 2004

Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors: 2004

Stephen Moore (formerly of the Club for Growth) and Stephen Slivinski have released their fiscal report on America’s Governors for last year. My prediction for biggest improvement for next year: Missouri will go from Bob Holden’s being one of 4 governors to receive an F to Matt Blunt receiving an A.

Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors: 2004

Four governors receive Fs for their poor performance in dealing with the state fiscal crisis: Bob Holden of Missouri, Bob Taft of Ohio, Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania, and James McGreevey of New Jersey.

Now Bob Holden getting an F was no surprise. He is a liberal Democrat who lied about the fiscal situation to get taxes raised at the state level and withheld funds appropriated for education by the legislature so that local school districts could scare voters into raising property taxes at the local level. And McGreevey was busy spending state money giving jobs to people who helped him with his “truth.”

On the other hand, here’s what Republican Bob Taft put out February 8 of this year:

Governor Bob Taft today delivered his seventh State of the State address, calling for tax reform and strategic investments to grow Ohio’s economy, create a more competitive business climate and add new high-paying jobs. Taft also outlined plans to make college more affordable.

Sounds like Mr. Taft needs tongue surgery to repair the fork.

In the credit where it’s due department, Bill Richardson, Democratic Governor of New Mexico, got a B and ranked number 6. John Baldacci of Maine got a B and ranked number 7. New Mexico and Maine independence and common sense clearly transcend party lines.

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