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Free Joe Calanchini

The US Secret Service is taking political prisoners.

They arrested a man in a Denver hotel carrying two rifles and two pistols in a “rifle type case” because Nancy Pelosi happened to be staying there. There’s no indication that he was up to anything unusual. He had taken the guns to be worked on, checked into the hotel legally and was carrying them openly. (Carrying a rifle in a case is not “concealed” carry by any reasonable standard.)

Apparently the SS hasn’t heard that the right to keep and bear arms is in the Constitution, it is an individual right and it was just upheld by the Supreme Court.

US Secret Service star logo

US Secret Service star logo

Waffen SS logo

Waffen SS logo

They’re holding him on $10,000 bond and charging him with unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Henry Paulson should immediately without delay order the Secret Service to release him, return his Constitutionally protected property and cease harassing law abiding citizens going about their regular business. President Bush should immediately without delay issue a pardon for any charges being trumped up in the case.

If anyone hears of a Joseph Calanchini legal defense fund, let me know.

Man arrested carrying weapons at Pelosi hotel

Note: Since I’ve started this out with a comparison to Nazis, either a) Godwin’s Law does not apply or b) comments aren’t appropriate since the argument is already over. You be the judge.

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