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Free to Choose – Free Online and Linspire founder Michael Robertson recounts his experience meeting his hero Milton Friedman a few years ago. He wanted to ask Friedman one important question, so he asked him “How do you make the world a better place?” Friedman’s answer:

If you want to improve the world you have to create more capital. While creating non-profits makes people feel better, the only way to fundamentally improve living conditions is to create more business.

Robertson and his partner Bob Chitester of IdeaChannel are now broadcasting the entire Free To Choose series online for free.”

In honor of Milton Friedman, we are streaming the ground-breaking Free to Choose series as it originally aired in 1980 as well as an updated 1990 version. Also watch for a biography, “The Power of Choice” which will air Monday, January 29 on PBS. This date has also been declared as Milton Friedman Day.

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