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Tom Rants Default Fun with Gmail and the Democratic Underground

Fun with Gmail and the Democratic Underground

I forwarded one of my email addresses to the new Gmail account. This particular address is the one that the Bush campaign has, so I got a campaign update email today talking about a new ad Kerry’s Coalition of the Wild-eyed . Gmai was nice enough to serve me up some text ads based on the content of the email that included an ad for the Democrat Underground and the John Kerry Campaign Store. (Sorry, I won’t link to them here. Find a paid link and click on it.) I made the good folks at Google a few cents, cost some liberal wackos a few cents and didn’t buy a damn thing, just clicked on the ads.

I know it was only 10 cents or so, but it just felt good. It actually felt better than giving the Bush campaign $25 a year and a half ago so they could spend $200 mailing and phoning asking for more.

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