Tom Rants Default Further thoughts on arresting people with water bottles

Further thoughts on arresting people with water bottles

I thought about this a little more. Even if everything is conceded and the facts that just don’t pass the smell test are ignored, (Terry Schiavo wouldn’t want to be fed by feeding tube, she’s in a persistent vegetative state, Michael is disinterested and solely doing this out of love for “the bitch”, she didn’t try to speak when told that she needed to say “I want to live”, she wasn’t Catholic and the Pope didn’t oppose it, she wasn’t Catholic with Michael standing ready with a court order to cremate her against her religion and prevent an autopsy, etc.) there’s still a real disconnect with reality here. What is the harm in offering her water to drink? If she’s not able to drink it, she’ll die without the tube. If she is able to drink it on her own, well, what’s the problem? Is it so important that she die, that she be dehydrated and starved even if she doesn’t need the feeding tube? I can sympathize with ordering the feeding tube removed. I can’t see any justification for a court ordering that anyone be completely denied food or water of any sort.

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