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Tom Rants Default Glenn Reynolds Channels Tom Hanna

Glenn Reynolds Channels Tom Hanna

In this post February 21 regarding the protests in Lebanon, I said: “The power of freedom, fighting tyranny and overcoming religious bigotry.”

In this post, March 21, Glenn Reynolds said: “What’s interesting, in fact, is the Christian/Muslim unity that’s emerged in these anti-Syrian protests.”

I ought to join the Alliance of Free Blogs with this quote: “Glenn Reynolds says, ‘Tom Hanna thinks of things days before I do.'”

Since I only look at the Pundit on occasion, I found this through a post at DSS Hubris that is worth reading in which Blue pegs the nationalism and unity of the Lebanese against the Syrians as (further) proof of the death of the hideous concept of the Arab Street. Cool picture of the demonstrators, too.

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