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Good News

Several announcements.

First, for technical reasons related to another announcement below, the RSS feed on this site now contains the full text of all articles. There are several different options available to subscribe – just click “Subscribe, Syndicate, Bookmark” link in the left menu and the options will expand out. If you do subscribe using a feed reader, be sure to visit the actual site from time to time to see the latest links and hurl criticism at my web design.

Second, I cleaned up that left menu by making most of the menus collapsible. You can get the full categories list, link lists, blogrolls, etc. by clicking. It doesn’t require loading a separate page, it just expands the menu that’s already there but hidden.

Third, You may have noticed the “Mini-Posts” link. Most of those are going to be one-liners that aren’t worthy of a full post or quick observations that may be nothing more than idle speculation. A lot of them may be nothing more than my comment on a ridiculous headline. The main point is that most of them are going to fall in the sarcastic category, so read them as though the <sarcasm> tags were already inserted. Others may be really bad ideas that were just something that popped into my head. That’s the price you pay for clicking on that link. 😉

Fourth, welcome back to Daou Report readers after about a 3 month absence and thanks for all the comments. I highly recommend the Daou Report as a way to get a good rundown of quality postings from the left and the right. Peter Daou’s own left wing thoughts are definitely worth reading on their own merits, too. (And agree or disagree with him, anyone who includes the full text of the Constitution on his site is at least working from the right motivation.)

Fifth and final, the good news from the headline. The content here is going to be syndicated by Newstex. This will put it out there with sources like Seth Godin, The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid by Donald Luskin, What’s Your Brand Mantra?, EclectEcon and the Accidental Hedonist.

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