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Google Adsense things I noticed

I’ve noticed a couple of things about Google Adsense. (I notice these things because I am, after all, a Googleholic.)

First thing I noticed was that I get different ads depending whether I go to someone’s site directly or via Blogrolling Links. If I go via Blogrolling, the ads I get are all for things blogging related. If I go the site directly or even if I click “open in new tab” on the Blogrolling link, I get ads related to the page content. The difference in ads is night and day and it happens on several sites.

Second thing. Let me be clear before I proceed that this isn’t a complaint. I setup Google Adsense for business purposes around the beginning of the year for use on other sites. At some point through the year, I added the Google ads to this site not really expecting to make money, just really to test setting up the code with WordPress before using it for more “mission critical” purposes. Recently, I setup “channels” which allow me to track each page separately for total return. The blog pages return is so low as to not be worth the time to put up the code. I have other sites that are doing spectacularly on a CPM ($ per 1000 impression) basis. Some are doing 30 to 40 times the revenue of the blog site. This site isn’t a for profit venture by any means, so it doesn’t bother me in the least, just a word to the wise in bloggerdom. If you are considering selling advertising, I’d either look for a fixed monthly payment or spend the time collecting aluminum cans at roadside instead. On the other hand, on the business sites I average enough to pay all my internet costs (DSL, hosting, software, domain names) and then some without reducing the average number of leads I get for my own business. Adsense pays the cost of my business webhosting and internet access, so the business I get off the web is “free.” Bottom line for business related sites, though not necessarily for ecommerce sites, I’d recommend adding Adsense to all content pages.

Another Googleism. My 2008 Election Countdown subdomain is number 1 on Google for “2008 Election Resources” and number 3 for “2008 Election Countdown.” Feel free to link that page direct, email me any suggestions for additions or let me know if you’d like to add anything to it.

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