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Tom Rants Default Googleholism: The Tom Rants Zeitgeist

Googleholism: The Tom Rants Zeitgeist

Late referrals include Google searches for all these things (the parenthetical numbers are the rankings when I recreated the search):
“keep our own kids safe limbaugh” (#1)
“VOTEMATCH 2008” (#1)
“Condi 2008” (#1 – search was duplicated on “” as well as “”)
“Ayn+Rand+Centenary+tickets” (#1 – Sorry, no tickets here, just a reference to traffic tickets)
“hagel 2008” (#1 – Probably due to the fact that there is neither an official campaign site nor a real or putup “draft” movement.)
“matt blunt christian” (#1)
“america hated worldwide” (#1 – due to a post in which I argued that America may not be loved but is, in fact, respected worldwide more today than 5 years ago.)
“Condoleeza Rice career path” (#2 thanks to my post “Eeyore Ponders a New Career”)
“americans for rice” (#2)
“condi is a gun nut” (page 1 #2) (Thanks to my link to Clayton Lee’s blog)
“walmart airguns” (page 1 #5)
“inaugural address 2005 reaction” (page 1 #6)
“Republican values” (page 1 #8)
“2008 senate races” (page 1 #9)
“Robert Byrd KKK” (page 1 #9)
“fairtax news 2005” (page 1 #10)

Here’s a book I didn’t write and haven’t read:

Building Your Business with Google For Dummies

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