A Cure Worse than the Disease

A group in Congress wants to tamper with the fundamental principle that a person born in the United States is a US citizen and they justify this by noting…

that the United States is one of few major industrialized nations that grant birthright citizenship with no qualifications.

Apparently these illustrious individuals are unfamiliar with the concept of American Exceptionalism, the idea that the United States, the City on a Hill, is great precisely because it is different. Though the idea of automatic citizenship on birth was not fully realized until the 14th Amendment, the germ of the idea was a fundamental part of the Constitution. Applying the same standard to other American ideals, we might, for example, eliminate elections entirely since the franchise didn’t achieve its current reach until 1971.

The recent propensity for some in Congress to throw out, short circuit or circumvent Constitutional provisions that they don’t like to deal with issues minor by comparison is short sighted and ill advised. To paraphrase Robert Bolt, these Congressmen would cut down every Constitutional protection we have to get after their devils and we’ll all have a tough time standing upright in the wind that blows when they are through.

GOP Faction Wants to Change ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Policy – Los Angeles Times

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