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Tom Rants Default Great choice, Mr. Kerry

Great choice, Mr. Kerry

Business Groups Greet Selection With Hostility (
Thomas J. Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, vowed that his group would abandon its neutrality and work to defeat the Democrats.

“Senator Edwards has a fancy campaign slogan about ‘two Americas,’ ” said Republican former House majority leader Dick Armey, now chairman of the business-backed Citizens for a Sound Economy. “He’s right. There is the productive America, filled with decent, honest folks who work hard and pay their taxes. And then there’s the America that John Edwards represents: the well-connected swarm of trial lawyers who twist our legal system to pillage the productive sector for personal gain.”

Where to start? What a wonderful choice. He’s pretty and he’s liberal. He has a southern drawl, but he’s 180 degrees out of step with southern values. (He voted against banning partial birth abortion and against making it a separate crime to kill an unborn child during commission of a crime.) He’s a trial lawyer, enemy number 1 for American business. He ran for President because polls showed he had no chance of winning reelection to the Senate, so presumably it will be a stretch for him to even add North Carolina to the Democratic column in November. And, finally, what a lackluster decision. If I’ve complained that the Bush administration hasn;t been taking the kind of bold steps that ought to happen during an alection year, well, I just didn’t realize how boring John Kerry could be. John Edwards…I think that decision could have been called back in March. Wow.

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