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Guns and Basketball

The Amateur Economist and Curmdugeon has a set of George Mason quotes up today in honor of George Mason making it to the NCAA Final Four.

I was rooting for Bradley and local legends J.J. Tauai and Sam Singh, but sometimes the underdog takes what he can get. I’m used to it anyway – I’m a Cubs fan.

I stole one of the quotes and plugged it at the top of the page here – “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” — George Mason, “Father of the Bill of Rights”

But there’s at least one 14-year old girl who won’t be enslaved, as long as she can find a hammer. A slug forced into his car and attempted to rape her, but she found a hammer under the seat and let him have it where it counted. Good for her, but it might be worth a rethink on this whole idea that the Second Amendment doesn’t kick in until age 21. (via Hammer of Bushbashing and Occasional Truth)

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