Gyeongju – Yes In My Back Yard

South Korea appears to have solved the NIMBY problem for nuclear waste by making it about jobs. They even required the “bidder” cities to outbid each other by producing higher majorities in favor of hosting the nuclear dump. Voters in the winning city, Gyeongju, approved hosting the dump by an 89.5 percent majority.

Meanwhile in the United States, rich liberals oppose windpower farms that would decrease emissions and reduce the need for drilling/mining because they mess up their ocean views.

According to the National Election Commission, 70.8 percent voters cast ballots in Gyeongju, an ancient city located some 400 kilometers southeast to Seoul off the east coast of the country. Among them, 89.5 percent voters support the host of the repository, the highest supporting level among the four cities.

People’s Daily Online — S.Korean ancient city wins host of first permanent nuclear repository

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