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Tom Rants Default Hated worldwide?

Hated worldwide?

The left wingers are fond of telling us how thanks to George Bush the United States is hated in the world, Bush has no savvy for foreign policy and, of course, he can’t pronounce “nuclear” or the names of obscure Balkan heads of state. On the other hand, he looked very much at home at the press conference today in Colombia, which he pronounced the way the Colombians do. He did have a bit better tan than President Uribe, whose name he had no problem pronouncing perfectly. He seemed pretty good at pronouncing “El es mi amigo,” too.

I’d expect that at least our President, if not our country, probably has a bit more respect in Chile today as well. Imagine what Jimmy Carter would have done if his Secret Service detail were stopped by men with guns. Fawning over male femininity is a decidedly French and liberal American trait. Most people worldwide still respect men with backbone more than men with “sensitivity”. I will grant that some Arabs may hate us a little more than they did before, but I’ll also insist that Arabs generally respect us more than they did four years ago as well. The French, well, they’re the French.

Whether it’s happy coincidence or superior vision or, as I expect, a combination of the two, the reality is that liberals are fawning over the crumbling rotten powers of the past while Bush is busy promoting closer relations with the vibrant growing societies (primarily) to our south and west. Given the choice between an alliance with unworthy allies like the French or the bright future of trade and friendship with the Pacific Rim and South and Central America, it’s pretty clear that the priorities of the Bush administration in world affairs are actually right on target.

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