He wasn't nominated for Secretary of Defense

I’m not sure if this piece is supposed to be complimentary or derogatory or if it’s merely a puff piece because the AP couldn’t come up with anything else on Alito. He apparently, as a student, wrote a paper in defense of the concept of Mutual Assured Destruction. As noted in the article, MAD was the creation of liberal Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. The opponents of MAD were conservatives and nonpolitical military types who advocated a force targeting doctrine as the moral alternative to the terrorist doctrine of targeting enemy civilians. (And, of course, the real decisions on weapons procurement, , in the hands of the military professionals, were quietly designed around targeting enemy forces not enemy cities.)

So, apparently an otherwise sensible fellow headed to law school adopted the position of the liberal establishment on nuclear weapons doctrine. I would think that this would be a plus for the typical AP reporter, so I’m chalking this article up as “pro-Alito”. If he were nominated for Defense Secretary, it would give me pause, but ultimately, it matters not one whit as fortunately the Supreme Court has no Constitutional role at all in matters of war and peace.

The Ivy League student said the United States must continue to adhere to the doctrine of mutual assured destruction, the policy set forth by Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara that says full-blown use of nuclear weapons by one side would result in the total destruction of both sides.

Newsday.com: As student, Alito endorsed doctrine of mutual assured destruction

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