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How big a threat is terrorism?

These numbers from Israel put the threat of terrorism in perspective.

Last year in Israel in an average week:

1 Israeli died from terrorism.
9 Israelis died in auto accidents.
Over 950 babies were lost to abortion, mostly because of financial concerns.

The numbers come from Friends of Efrat, an organization dedicated to saving those babies.

Since 1977 Efrat saved the lives of over 17,000 Jewish children in Israel!
Efrat’s approach has proven to be successful. Women who register for an abortion are asked why they want to terminate their pregnancy. If they cite financial reasons, they are given Efrat’s phone number and told to call us. Efrat has over 2,800 volunteers throughout the country who also refer cases to us. Once the pregnant woman calls, and if found to be in real need, we offer them three things:

1. Monthly food and baby supplies delivered every month to their door, which includes diapers, formula, canned and dry foods for a year and which is worth over $700

2. Free baby equipment, includes a crib, bassinet, stroller, baby bath and a baby kit (which includes blankets, baby clothes, bottles and other items) which is worth about $300

3. We match each woman with one of our over 2,800 volunteers who provide social support throughout the pregnancy.

In this simple way, last year alone, Efrat saved the lives of 1,658 Jewish children.
If we had twice our budget, we could have saved twice as many children.

The US numbers?

less than 4 deaths due to terrorism *
825 deaths in traffic accidents
26,346 babies lost to abortion

In the US and Canada, women can find similar help from crisis pregnancy centers and those who want to help can find out how through OptionLine.

(Going back to and including the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut, total US deaths in terrorist incidents are less than 4,000 in 22 years.)

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