Tom Rants Default How do you define vote, Mitt?

How do you define vote, Mitt?

I’ve decided to vote for Mitt Romney. I’m going to define a “vote” for Romney as “asking for a Republican ballot that has Mitt Romney’s name on it somewhere.” I might even take the time to see his name on the ballot, with my own eyes. Now Romney supporters may insist on the strict definition of filling in the box next to his name and dropping the ballot in the box, but that’s just being silly.

So what’s next? Trying to parse the meaning of the word “is”? Oh, never mind.

After the big “faith” speech, Kevin Whited asked this question at Ten Second News:

He wants to talk about religion, but not let anyone question his talk? In what alternate political universe does he think that will happen?

My comment at the time seems almost prophetic (pardon the pun) at this point:

What else to expect from the Bill Clinton of the Republican Party?

But, he still has great hair. So, join me and “vote” for Mitt Romney.



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