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How to spot a pseudocon

If you want to identify a pseudo-conservative and don’t have access to a D.C. phone directory, here are a few points to look for:

  1. A penchant for using a sometime association with the Republican Party and an occasional attempt to intellectually support some conservative principle in a pale imitation of William F. Buckley to sell their wares to National Review’s readership.

  2. Going gaga over the “historic nature” of the Obama Presidency with never a mention of the over 100 years of Republican championing of civil rights that laid the groundwork for it and never questioning whether they ought to be judging the President by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin.

  3. On the talking head shows, at a true conservative’s suggestion that it’s time to join John Galt’s strike, they will leave everyone in a state of hopeless confusion by either praising or castigating, depending on their current state of Obamania, the work of 1960s children’s author Ann Rand.

  4. After eight years of supporting everything from expansion of Medicare to steel tariffs they try to reclaim their conservative bona fides by criticizing Michael Steele for not belonging to the Every Sperm is Sacred Constitutional Amendment branch of the pro-life movement.

  5. When faced with the largest expansion of federal government involvement in the economy in decades, they devote their energy to criticizing the bigger evil – Rush Limbaugh opposing the socialist tide.

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