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How to Survive a Collaboration

Noticed this on Neil Gaiman’s journal site and found iit interesting. One of my favorite authors and on my first trip to his site, I find an unexpected reference to one of my other favorites. (If you’ve read American Gods by Neil Gaiman and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, you’d know why the reference was unexpected. On the other hand, I’m still living 15 years ago when a reference to Atlas Shrugged got an airhead blank stare 99 times out of 100.)

Neil Gaiman
“1) Only collaborate if you both are working on the same thing. If you and your collaborator are writing the same book, great. If you want to write something like Prisoner of Zenda, and he wants to write something like Atlas Shrugged you’d better stop now, while you’re still on speaking terms.”

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