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Tom Rants Default Howard Dean paved the way to future victories? Really?

Howard Dean paved the way to future victories? Really?

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In a world in which companies like Wal-Mart pay substandard wages with no real benefits, our party has got to find innovative ways to support organized labor’s growth. A declining union membership is not good for the country, it’s not good for working people, and it certainly isn’t good for the Democratic Party.

As long as the Democratic Party stays this out of touch with real working people, Republican votes can only grow. Wal-Mart jobs are highly coveted. (For Mr. Trippi and other liberals who don’t use terms with biblical connotations, that means people really really want them a lot.) I’m not going to claim that the average wage of 2 to 3 bucks an hour over minimum wage compares to what UAW members in Detroit make, but then cost of living is lower here and these are retail jobs. On the other hand Wal-Mart jobs are very secure. I can’t recall a Wal-Mart (store) layoff anywhere in this area ever. And, in spite of Mr. Trippi’s contention, they have great benefits. Millionaire Wal-Mart widows are so common in this area that a couple of fellows managed to send themselves to federal prison mismanaging $30 million plus from just two of them! And they weren’t the exception; for people who worked for Wal-Mart for 30+ years and retired, millionaire status is pretty much the rule. Not a damn thing wrong with that kind of job, unless you’re a liberal leechnik who thinks someone owes you riches from the first day on the job.

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