Tom Rants Default I didn't know he had that kind of money

I didn't know he had that kind of money

The headline from the Grand Forks Herald:
Bush to provide nearly $800 million for drought-stricken farmers

I had no idea W had that kind of cash. I guess that wood business must really be paying off. It’s awful nice of him to pony up from his own funds instead of asking the taxpayers to pay for it though.

And poor George just can’t catch a break. Even while he’s shelling out the cash for the farmers and making Willie Nelson happy, Democrats are playing the blame game.

The State (South Carolina) headline:

Democrats blame Bush for Katrina’s slow recovery

I didn’t even know she was ill. To paraphrase a line from Everett Dirksen…Katrina, Katrina, my heart bleeds for Katrina. Who is she anyway?

and while I’m at it…

$800 million here, $800 million there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.

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