Ideal Congress – 435 Sleazebags Devoted to Limited Government

Rusty at The Jawa Report has his own Appeal to Center-Right Bloggers, a response to the similar effort led by NZ Bear pushing John Shadegg for Majority Leader in the name of increased “openness, transparency and accountability” in Congress. Personally, I like Rusty’s idea better.

Give me 435 unethical, whoremongering, immoral, back room elected Congressman committed to limited government. Keep your transparency. I will gladly let my Congressman get away with just about anything in exchange for protecting me from the bad guys of the world and keeping his grubby paws out of my pockets. Let their paws remain in the pockets of whoever is trying to bribe them. Better their’s than mine.

I hope every Congressman who is committed to winning the war on terror and getting the hell out of my life will support a candidate who doesn’t give a damn what the New York Times or Chris Matthews thinks about them. And I hope all would-be members of the leadership ignore the self-righteous members of the new media who have taken to sounding like a CBS News echo chamber.

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