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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.


Fox News just did a bit on other plumbers named Joe. The idea was, I suppose, that there are quite a few Joe the Plumbers, that being a plumber named Joe is about as ordinary and average as you can get.

The last Ordinary, Average Guy they interviewed about sharing a name with this “celebrity” plumber was a plumber named Joe Walsh. I think he may live out somewhere Rocky Mountain Way.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

I’m just an ordinary average guy

My friends are all boring

And so am I

We’re just ordinary average guys

We all live ordinary average lives

With average kids

And average wives

We all go bowling at the bowling lanes

Drink a few beers

Bowl a few frames

We’re just ordinary average guys

Oh, and none of the Joe’s they interviewed are fond of the idea of higher taxes.

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