Tom Rants Default Irony, History and the Road to Serfdom

Irony, History and the Road to Serfdom

The American Revolution was born of disobedience to lawful authority, destruction of the property of monopolists, violence against public officials and ultimately a bold act of outright treason when the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to throwing off the yoke of their lawful King and his of touch parliament in London. Today, the ideological descendants of the signers and the Sons of Liberty flippantly throw around the phrase “Tea Party” as if that means attending a quiet meeting where tea is served. They act as if these meetings can compare to the bold and lawless action of throwing a cargo worth roughly $1.4 million current dollars in Boston Harbor or signing nothing more treasonous than a check to a candidate for the equally out of touch Congress in Washington could possibly mean as much as signing a pledge of their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

Meanwhile a band of Americans, unfortunately led by statist ideologues with more in common with King George and Lord North than with the Signers or the Sons of Liberty, are reacting to the American government’s excesses in the finest traditions of the American Revolution. These young people were saddled with an average debt per citizen of $174,266 by a Congress every bit as out of touch as the Parliament of 1773. This debt is owed mostly to the Communist Chinese government and the US Federal Reserve member banks – a monopoly that dwarfs the East India Company in size and completely eclipses it in its audacity. The consequences of the myriad blunders of Congress, from creating the monopolist Fed to nearly 40 years of pandering to the monopolists of OPEC, is that they face the daunting task of paying back that debt on the wages they can earn with a job asking, “You want fries with that?”. Of course, that is only if they’re one of the lucky 75-80% that can find one. Is it any wonder that these protesters might think it’s time for action a little more in line with December 16, 1773 instead of writing another check to a hack of either party?

The shame is that the so-called Tea Party has been co-opted and watered down to nothing more than a group of PACS by big government conservatives, more concerned with law and order than with the fight to preserve America’s freedoms, while the vigor of the Occupy Wall Street protesters has been diverted from opposing the monopoly socialism that caused the current crisis to promote further socialism as a solution. But then, such is the The Road to Serfdom

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