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Tom Rants Default Irony: TypePad, LiveJournal, liberalism and greed

Irony: TypePad, LiveJournal, liberalism and greed

I setup WordPress on this site as a LiveJournal refugee. (This site was here, but not doing much.) Livejournal is so overrun with liberals, and generally very ill-informed liberals who don’t really know anything more than that they “hate” Republicans without really knowing why, that I decided I’d rather type to myself than post there. Recently, the LJ crowd has really picked up the tinfoil hat themes, everything from Diebold stealing the election for Bush to Haliburton buying it. (Nevermind that George Soros actually tried to buy it.) I still post and read there a bit out of a peculiar form of masochism I guess.

So the great Irony is when LiveJournal, that bastion of anticommercialism that won’t besmirch its pages with a single advertisement, that collectively thinks Haliburton and Enron represent evil greater than Hitler, Stalin and Pol-Pot combined, is being taken over by a “greedy big business” owned by Deaniacs from San Francisco. Six Apart is the company that produces Moveable Type, one of the only commercial blogging software packages in an ‘industry’ dominated by free products and products that only charge for commercial licenses. They also own the TypePad blogging service. Typepad hosts some great blogs like Cafe Hayek and Newmark’s Door, which definitely tend to the conservative/libertarian view – more irony – and charges for a service that Blogger and others and still others offer for free.

Mena Trott, cofounder of Six Apart, tugging on her husband and other cofounder Ben’s arm with her other arm around the Great Screamer.

FWIW, it’s just the irony that gets me here. It’s actually pretty clear that the founders of Six Apart are in the business for rewards other than just money. (Not that wanting money is a bad thing either.) They’re living the American Dream, doing something they love, hopefully making a living at it and deserve the best of luck regardless of politics. Besides they look to be closer to the age where not being liberal means having no heart than the age where not being conservative means having no brain.

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