This Washington Post piece which is mostly a recount of how many people can condemn Pat Robertson for saying something that we’d expect Pat Robertson to say is especially ironic. It shows a picture of Hugo Chavez in red beret standing with his mentor and target of CIA-poisoned cigars and thallium salt filled boots Fidel Castro.

Cuba doesn’t produce oil. It doesn’t produce anything but sugar and the powerful American sugar lobby is quite happy not to have the competition. On the other hand, Venezuela produces oil. So, if it was a good idea to poison Castro’s cigars and put thallium salt in his shoes to make his hair fall out, if it was a good idea (and it was) to support Augusto Pinochet’s overthrow of Allende’s communist dictatorship in Chile, why is Pat Robertson so out of line for suggesting offing another Marxist thug? I’m not sure he’s right, but the idea certainly isn’t the zaniest he ever pronounced and it certainly ought to be on the table for discussion.

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