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Tom Rants Default Is this really worth the jet fuel?

Is this really worth the jet fuel?

The Daily Star – Politics – US launches air strike on Fallujah
“Somewhere between 20 and 25 people were killed in today’s strike,” said a US-led coalition official, who declined to be named. It was not immediately clear who was among the dead.

Couldn’t we do that with an artillery piece and save the jet fuel? Don’t we have bigger bombs? 20 to 25 people doesn’t seem worth the flyboys suiting up. We need to be killing hundreds every day, until the death of 20 to 25 terrorists and fellow travelers isn’t even news anymore. Then we’ll win the war on terror. The nightly news is reporting our soldiers body counts with barely restrained glee and talk of a ‘quagmire’. If this isn’t going to be a replay of the Tet Offensive, which the Army won and the politicians lost, the enemy numbers need to be reported and they need to be higher. Much higher.

Of course, we’re talking about Fallujah here and frankly, there shouldn’t be anything to report. When the civilians had mostly left in May, Fallujah should have become a parking lot for the oil fields next door. And if the liberals want to yell “war for oil” at that, I’ll defer to Ann Coulter’s wisdom, without oil how do they think their cocaine would get delivered?

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