It's morning in America

It’s morning in America. Wednesday night the Republican Party presented a candidate who understands that real change, real progress, comes from the bottom up, not the top down. A candidate who understands that the great things come from free people pursuing their own ends. It’s morning in America and that’s where the Republican focus belongs.

President Reagan being sworn in for second ter...

I noted the other day that I didn’t really care to hear any more barbs slung at the high point of Barack Obama’s life, when he was personally out helping poor people. We can argue about the manner of the help, but whether you approach it from an economic conservative, small government perspective or a social conservative, “What Would Jesus Do?” perspective, getting his hands dirty actually doing something in a poor community beats being a legislator or a leftist law professor. There’s nothing to fault in it; in fact it does belong on his resume. It’s certainly not as impressive as McCain’s military service, but it was service. Turning our backs on conservative principles because it’s useful politically doesn’t make sense whether it’s bringing home the pork or castigating voluntarism. ($12,000 a year in Chicago when you can make 10 times that is voluntarism.)

It was just a matter of time before the left picked up on the hypocrisy and they are starting to. Today from The Nation comes “GOP Mocks Public Service at its Peril” (complete with a particularly unflattering photo of Rudy Giuliani):

The party of Ronald Reagan was touting government experience over civic engagement.

At a convention whose theme was “service,” GOP leaders ridiculed organizing, a vital kind of public service that involves leadership, tough decisions, and taking responsibility for the well-being of people often ignored by government.

My impression of the line from Sarah Palin was that it was a throwaway line, a good humored joke intended less as criticism of Barack Obama than as criticism of those who question her experience as Mayor while ignoring the similarity to Obama’s experience. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s time to move past it.

It’s morning in America again and that’s no time for cheap shots.

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